5 Reasons to Love the New DPM Care Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed, fully renovated DPM Care website!

We are thrilled about this fresh new look because it does a better job of representing DPM Care and how we’re different from other carpet cleaning vendors.

Our longtime clients and colleagues will notice this shift in focus and functionality immediately – it offers unique and valuable content, showcases our company culture and values in all the right ways, and proves why DPM Care is the premiere thought-leader in the commercial carpet cleaning industry.

Not only is the site more attractive, but also it’s far more functional for our clients, colleagues and contacts. That’s why we’d like to walk you through a few of the ways this new site will benefit you.

Top Features of the New DPM Care Website

Here’s why we think you’ll love our new website:

1. Our blog is packed with valuable information.

We’re just getting started with our brand new blog, but we’re excited to bring you regular tips to help you do your job better.

Yes, we’ll be talking about carpet, floor and upholstery cleaning. Even though we love talking about carpet and flooring, we know that can get old!

That’s why we’ll also be talking about other aspects of property and facilities management. We’re here to be a valuable resource to you.

2. See The DPM Difference.

Our brand is built on absolute facts. Those facts are that our proprietary, patent-pending process removes more dirt and bacteria from your carpet, flooring and upholsteries in a faster, more sanitary way.

Our new site shows how our technology, training and customer care makes DPM Care different than other commercial carpet cleaning companies.

We’ve also launched a new video that helps showcase how DPM Care is different. We think you’ll love it!

This is one of many videos that we will begin offering on our new YouTube Channel.

3. Meet the people behind DPM Care.

Every business has a product they believe is worthy of their customers. But a product is only as good as the process and the people behind it.

We believe our people are the best in the business and we are proud to show you why. Our new website showcases the awesome people that make up the DPM Care team in each of our locations. We’re excited to show you the people who make the difference for our clients each and every day.

4. It offers easy mobile access.

This site is fully mobile responsive, which means it looks great no matter which device you use to check it out.

If you’re on the go and need to find the number to our Atlanta location, jump online from your phone and you can click to call us. It’s that simple.

5. Get your stain cleaned – FOR FREE!

Our patent-pending cleaning process can get out the stains no else can. We’ll get your carpet, tile, grout and upholstery looking better than you ever thought possible.

Don’t believe us?

We’d like to prove it to you! If you’ve got a stain that won’t come out or carpet that seems beyond repair, we’ll come clean it for you!

Click here to request a free demo to see how we can deliver a higher degree of clean. Let us prove that we can deliver a higher degree of clean – It’s on our dime the first time!

What do you think about our new website? We’d love to get your comments and feedback!