Carpet Care

Carpet Care

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Replace less, save more.

Has the carpet in your offices seen better days? Are you trapped in the spend-install-replace cycle of carpeting that never seems to last long enough to give you a good return on your investment? There’s a better option. Add years of life to your carpet with our customized carpet maintenance program.

Extend the life of your carpet while providing a healthy work environment.

Our team of highly trained professionals will design a maintenance program unique to your facility’s needs that will:

  • Utilize innovative technology unique to your carpet type and soiling.
  • Remove embedded soils that cause premature wear and damage.
  • Remove stains.
  • Lift the carpet pile to prevent traffic patterns.
  • Sanitize – carpet is the number one trap of microbials and allergens (it’s the largest air filter in your facility).
  • Deodorize – take care of any odors caused by carpet and leave the facility clean and fresh.
  • Apply FiberShield Protection to protect against stains and foot traffic.

We’ll get your carpet looking better than ever before – and we’ll help you keep it that way. Our maintenance program will save you from having to replace the carpet in your facilities as frequently – and, more importantly, save you money. It will keep your work environment looking its best, improve your indoor air quality, and maximize your carpeting investment.