Quiz: How Clean is Your Building’s Carpet?

Carpet often gets taken for granted.

With hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of people trampling on it every day, your building’s carpet really takes a beating. Plus, it becomes a magnet for all the dirt and debris that enters your building.

That’s why carpet is one of the most used – and abused – areas of any commercial building.

Even though your carpet might look clean to the naked eye, the reality is that dirt and bacteria may be lurking deep within the fibers – especially if it isn’t cleaned and maintained properly.

Get Your Free Carpet Cleanliness Score

So, how clean is your building’s carpet?

We developed a short quiz to help you determine the health and cleanliness of the carpet in your building. This is meant to be a fun tool to help you see how well you’re doing with carpet maintenance and identify some ways you can step up your game.

Ready to see how well you’re doing with carpet cleaning? Take the free quiz below to get your carpet cleanliness score.

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Understanding Your Carpet Cleanliness Score

How did you do? Based on your score, here’s a breakdown of how clean your building’s carpet may be.

Score: 70– 100
Your Carpet is in Excellent Condition

Congratulations! You scored high in almost all of the areas, which means your carpet is likely in excellent condition and looks great. It’s clear you regularly clean your carpet and have taken the right preventative measures to make sure your carpet stays in tip-top shape. There might be a few things you can do to improve your efforts, but overall, you’ve done a good job of protecting and maintaining your carpet investment. Good job!

Score: 40 – 69
Your Carpet is in Fair Condition

You scored well in some areas, but not in other areas. You are on the right track with your carpet cleaning efforts, but it’s clear there are still some areas that require your attention.

If you’ve not put regular cleaning and preventative maintenance in place, now would be a great time to consider that before the quality of your carpet degrades any further.

It’s not too late to improve the look of your carpet and extend how long you are able to keep it. You might just need some help to restore it.

Score: 0 – 35
Your Carpet is in Poor Condition

You’ve scored low in most of the areas, which means your carpet might not be in great shape. Some of that might be too the age of your carpet. But, it’s likely that improper cleaning and preventative maintenance have contributed to carpet that doesn’t look nearly as good as it could be.

But, have no fear! This doesn’t necessarily mean your carpet needs to be replaced. In many cases, we’ve used our restorative cleaning process to remove spots and to bring old, dingy carpet back to life. Once your carpet is restored, putting a preventative cleaning and maintenance plan in place can go a long way to extend the life of your carpet.

The Best Way to Evaluate Your Carpet’s Cleanliness

Truly, the best way to determine the health of your commercial carpet is a free site assessment from our team. But, this free tool may help you identify some ways you can improve the cleanliness of your carpet.

For additional recommendations, check out free eBook about developing a preventative carpet maintenance program.