What DPM Care is Grateful for in 2020

Has there ever been a year in which the idea of Thanksgiving means so much and should be celebrated? The year that seemingly won’t end, aka 2020, has reached its second-to-last month. Traditionally, it’s a time for reflecting on what blessings the last 12 months have brought. 

Given the tragedy, heartache and tough times 2020 brought all of us, it would be easy to breeze past November and move directly into planning for 2021. But at DPM Care, we know there have been some good things that have come out of this year. We want to recognize and celebrate them before we jump into next year. 

What We Are Grateful for as a Company

As a company, we are always grateful for our employees. Our team is second to none when it comes to delivering the highest quality service and working with our customers to determine the best solutions for their surface cleaning needs. You may not ever see them in person, but know that your facilities are being cared for by the best.

We are also so thankful for our customers. You are the reason we exist and the reason we work tirelessly. The relationships we have developed with you are the cornerstone of our business. None of you are just names and addresses on an invoice. We are thankful to call you friends.

This year, we feel especially blessed that during such an uncertain time, we have been able to expand our service offerings. We launched our new SaniShell Surface Protection system, which continues to help customers clean surfaces, and keep them germ-free for months.

What Employees are Thankful For

Everyone on our team has much to be thankful for this year. At a time when so many businesses have not been able to sustain themselves, we have stuck together and come together to get through the year. A quick survey of our whole team puts our customers, each other, and the company we are building at the tops of our “What We’re Grateful For” lists. 

Being able to continue working or, in some cases, joining the DPM team was important for everyone, especially to Franke Long, senior head technician, and Adam Heath, field service manager hard surfaces.

Outside of work, there were blessings as well. Lead technicians Darrius Dailey and James Covington, as well as CJ Williams, operations manager, are grateful to have time outside of work to spend with their families and to be able to maintain a good work-life balance. Another lead technician, Jamar Rollings, is happy to remain healthy and COVID-19 free. 

We are also thankful for weddings. Alex Hanbison, soft surface field service manager, was grateful to wed, “the love of his life,” while two of our owners, Neal and Alli Peters welcomed a son-in-law when their daughter was married.

For Zachary Harbison, moving into a new home with his wife was a positive of 2020, while John White, lead technician, was thankful to purchase a new vehicle. 

Thankful for Our Team

And, finally, we are thankful for each other. We work hard at DPM to build a positive work atmosphere. We want our team to truly be a family. We think we have accomplished that, and our employees, such as Elizabeth Gale Helgerson, floor technician, Davey Richardson, technician, and Pam Butler, one of our owners, each mentioning our company culture as something they’re thankful for just reinforces that. 

It’s easy to say “good riddance” to 2020. But we have found reasons to be thankful through this year, too. We hope to find even more next year, and hope to see you then.