5 Elements of an Effective Carpet Maintenance Program

For property and facility owners and managers, keeping carpets looking clean and professional is a continuous challenge.

Weighing the time, resources and cost of an ongoing carpet maintenance program versus a “fix it when it breaks” approach can be tricky. After all, the wear on carpeting is easily overlooked until it’s in terrible shape. Therefore, maintaining its appearance and performance is often undervalued.


Why You Should Take a More Proactive Approach to Your Carpet

So the question remains:

Do you want to invest in taking proactive action to get the most from your carpet? Or just hope for the best and repair the damage as it comes?

The answer is clear to most seasoned property and facility managers – preventative maintenance is a smart approach for caring for your building. Even with carpet and flooring.

Not only can carpet maintenance save you from costly carpet replacement down the road, it can also improve the indoor health of your business and overall perception of your brand.

5 Elements of an Effective Carpet Maintenance Program

But how do you build a carpet maintenance program? Where do you start?

We have answered that question in a new free eBook we have developed. In the eBook, we talk about five key elements of an effective carpet maintenance program:

  • DPM-ebookWalk off systems / chair mats – The walk off systems and mats you need to prevent the entry of dirt into your facility.
  • Vacuuming – How to vacuum properly (and how often) to keep your carpet fresh.
  • Spot removal – The proper process for removing spots that could damage your carpet.
  • Preventative cleaning – What an effective cleaning process entails, along with a recommended schedule.
  • Restorative cleaning – When you need restorative cleaning and how it can bring damaged carpet back to life.

We also give you 15 questions to ask to help you build your own carpet maintenance plan. This eBook is a great free resource that will help you extend the life of your carpet.

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This eBook will give you everything you need to help you maintain the life of your carpet. We hope you find the information valuable!