Elevating Surface Care

The Power of High Performance Coatings for Your Commercial Flooring Needs

The flooring in your facility is an investment that must be protected, and traditional methods of improving its performance with waxes and sealers can only do so much.

At DPM Surface Care, we believe in staying ahead of the curve and constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients. That’s why we’ve extended our service offerings, transforming from a carpet cleaning company to a comprehensive provider of specialty surface care for all commercial flooring. With a focus on the latest flooring trends in facilities, we’re dedicated to delivering full-service solutions that enhance durability, sustainability, resource savings, health and safety, and overall appearance.

Introducing High Performance Coatings
One of our exciting additions to the DPM Surface Care lineup is our High Performance Coatings. These innovative floor coatings have been specially formulated to provide longer durability, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. By applying these coatings to your commercial flooring, we not only enhance its resilience but also create a barrier that protects against daily wear and scratches. The result? Flooring that maintains its flawless appearance, even in the face of heavy usage.

Resource Savings and Sustainability
In today’s world, sustainability is a key consideration for businesses. Our High Performance Coatings not only contribute to the longevity of your flooring but also offer resource savings. By reducing the frequency of replacement and minimizing the need for excessive maintenance, these coatings help you save both time and money. Additionally, our commitment to sustainability means the coatings we use are eco-friendly, ensuring a healthier environment for your facility.

Let’s Compare
Acrylic Finish vs. High Performance Coatings. When it comes to comparing acrylic finish and High Performance Coatings for commercial floors, the difference in savings and maintenance is significant. Acrylic finish may seem cost-effective initially but requires frequent reapplication and ongoing maintenance. This translates to more labor hours and expenses for stripping, re-coating, and buffing. In contrast, High Performance Coatings offer superior durability, reducing the need for frequent re-coating. With advanced technology and enhanced resistance to wear and stains, High Performance Coatings provide long-term savings by extending the floor’s lifespan. Their reduced maintenance requirements mean less labor and fewer materials needed, allowing for more efficient resource allocation. By choosing High Performance Coatings, businesses can enjoy substantial savings while ensuring their floors remain in excellent condition for years to come.

Enhancing Safety
When it comes to creating a safe environment, our High Performance Coatings shine in their ability to provide unparalleled slip resistance. Slip and fall accidents are not only a common occurrence but can also result in injuries and legal liabilities. Our coatings are specifically designed to enhance traction and reduce the risk of slips, even in high-traffic areas. Whether it’s a bustling school hallway, a busy hospital corridor, or a frequently-visited lobby, utilizing slip-resistant performance floor coatings is a proactive measure that prioritizes safety and peace of mind for everyone who sets foot on the floor.

Revolutionizing Maintenance Programs
As office reorganization trends continue to shape the modern workplace, it’s crucial to adapt maintenance programs accordingly. At DPM Surface Care, we work closely with our clients to revise their existing programs and ensure they align with the evolving needs of their facilities. Our team of experts is well-versed in industry best practices and can provide tailored recommendations to optimize your maintenance approach, keeping your flooring in pristine condition and contributing to the overall aesthetics of your space.

To learn more about our full-service specialty surface care and how we can transform your commercial flooring, contact DPM Surface Care today!