Furniture & Textile Care

Furniture & Textile Care

Specialty Surfaces

Deeper clean, fresher furniture.

Like your carpet, your office furniture is an investment you want to protect and maximize. Despite their daily use, your office chairs and other furniture rarely get the cleaning care they need. Furniture may not be walked on, but it collects body soils, skin cells, dirt, and allergens that may not be noticeable to the eye.

Caring for your furniture is the key to a healthy environment, plus increased comfort and morale.

DPM uses a low-moisture process to remove soils and stains from your upholstery while also sanitizing and deodorizing. The quick-dry time prevents microbial growth, creating a healthier work environment, and our FiberShield™ will protect your chairs and upholstery from future damage.

Give your upholstered furniture and panels a deeper, longer-lasting clean that will leave your office environment fresh.