When Should You Hire a Carpet Cleaner for Your New Building?

You can smell it.

Fresh drywall. Fresh carpet. It’s almost as satisfying as the smell of a new car. And it makes you feel like you’ll never see a speck of dirt in your new building.

But you know that’s not true. Even though they might smell fresh and clean, new buildings are exposed to dirt and bacteria every day. That’s why it’s important to hire a carpet cleaner as soon as you set foot into your new building (if not before).

Let me tell you why.

How Carpets Get Dirty

New facilities are meant to be used, but with that use comes wear and tear. And, in the case of your carpet, that means buildup of dirt, bacteria, allergens, and fungi—starting on day one.

It’s not complicated:

Someone walks in with mud on their shoes from their weekend hike. Someone else spills a cup of coffee and hopes no one notices. Another person’s sandwich crumbs work their way into the carpet during lunch every day.

And your fresh, new carpet turns into a well-worn, often forgotten part of the building. Without cleaning, your carpet is building up dust, dirt, hair, crumbs, and who knows what else, in its fibers—not only eliminating that fresh, clean smell you love so much, but also decreasing the carpet’s lifespan.

How Regular Carpet Cleaning Helps You Accomplish Your Goals

If you’re in charge of maintenance decisions for your facility, your goals are twofold:

  • First, you have to keep the space clean and presentable.
  • Second, you have to maximize the lifespan of all the building’s assets. That means creating a preventative maintenance schedule.

Why is a preventative maintenance schedule important?

Preventative maintenance helps you keep more money in your pocket because it makes your building materials last longer. Total replacements of roof, carpet, drywall — you name it — are expensive. So, the less of these major operations you can perform, the more money you can save.

In the case of a carpet, regular cleaning is important because it helps you eliminate the gunk lodged in the fibers of your carpet that threaten its lifespan. It helps you accomplish both of your goals:

The facility is kept clean, and you extend the lifetime of an expensive building material.

Why You Should Start a Carpet Maintenance Program Earlier Than You Think

Starting a carpet maintenance program early in the building process might seem silly. You might think:

“It’s brand-new carpet! It doesn’t need to be cleaned!”

But that’s not exactly true. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a commercial carpet cleaner before your building is finished:

  • Dirt builds up quickly. Once people set foot in your new building, dirt already begins building up in your carpets. This is especially true in high-traffic areas of your building, such as your entryway and hallways. That’s why it’s important to bring in a carpet cleaner within the first month of occupancy in your new building.


  • Get carpet recommendations. The other benefit to bringing in a commercial carpet cleaner early in your building project is that your vendor partner can make recommendations on the best types of carpet for various places in your building. Good commercial carpet cleaners will be able to tell you which kind of carpet is easiest to maintain and which is best for longevity.


  • Plan for carpet maintenance costs. If you pay attention to maintenance costs early in the process, you will be able to factor those costs into your budget. You will be able to roughly determine, based on the type of carpet installed and the type of maintenance schedule you use, how long your carpet will last. This allows you to plan for the big expense of replacing a carpet, rather than closing your eyes, only performing maintenance when it’s absolutely necessary, and hoping for the best—then eventually getting slammed with a huge carpet replacement cost.

The reality is that it’s never too early to work with a commercial carpet cleaner to build a preventative maintenance plan. As soon as you have floor plans for your building, a carpet cleaner can work with you to build a preventative maintenance program.

For instance, we recently conducted a walkthrough for one of our Nashville clients while their building was still being built. This allowed us to get started with a carpet cleaning program as soon as they moved into the building.

Working with a carpet cleaning professional early can give you extensive information about how to maintain the health and longevity of your carpet. You’ll be able to create a detailed maintenance plan to extend the lifespan of your carpet with all the available information at your disposal.

How DPM Can Help Keep Your New Carpet Clean

DPM’s highly-trained cleaning experts can work with you to determine the best methods and maintenance schedule to extend the life of your carpet.

Our proprietary cleaning processes (which we spent two years developing!) have been scientifically proven to reduce up to 99% of allergens, fungi, and bacteria in your carpet.

So, if you’re looking for expert guidance that will help you save money and maintain a cleaner, healthier facility, just click here to request a FREE site assessment.