Meet the Facility Manager: Jason May of JLL

Facility and property managers work so hard each and every day to ensure the job gets done and we know it’s not easy. We think all facility and property managers deserve to be celebrated!

We’re excited to shine the spotlight on one of the great people we work with at DPM Care in the Nashville area! While commercial carpet cleaning is our expertise, we really care deeply about our clients. We love what we do because we get to work alongside some great people.

We’re excited to continue our Meet the Manager series with Jason May. Jason is a Facility Manager for JLL in Nashville, TN.  

Keep reading to hear more about Jason and his experience as a facility manager.

Meet Nashville Facility Manager Jason May of JLL

What is your role at JLL?

I am the facility manager for the State of Tennessee account.

How did you get involved with facility management?

I started with a temp agency as a Facility Coordinator.  It was only supposed to be a temporary role, but I decided to stay with JLL and I came on as a full time employee.

How big is your facility?

47 buildings with a combined total of 441,310 square feet.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your current role?

Balancing the FM role with customer service role. Many times the customer for each agency within the State has their own wish list that they would like. I have to explain why we can’t complete those projects and why we need to complete others first.  We want to take care of their wish list, but old equipment replacement and code compliant upgrades come first over new carpet or interior office painting.

What is your best piece of advice to others in your role?

Focus on safety first.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Having to think outside the box to come up with a solution in older buildings.  It can be fun getting creative with solutions.

Describe what a day in your role looks like.

I review work orders and lay out my team’s daily tasks, approve invoices, create PO’s and meet with the client regarding scheduled maintenance or inspections that will impact their operations.

How does having a clean building help your business?

Having a clean building helps employee moral and makes the facility a presentable place to come and work. No one wants to work in a dirty building.

How does preventative maintenance create value for you or your business?

If you maintain the facility and assets from the start, you will have fewer unexpected outages, equipment will last longer and you’ll save money with fewer unexpected equipment purchases.

How has DPM Care’s service impacted your business?

They have done a great job making our floors look great. It also helps our day-to-day cleaning team keep the floors looking great.