Meet the Manager: Tim Friedenberger of Bridgestone Arena

We believe facility managers deserve to be celebrated and we are honored to work with some of the best in the Southeast!

It’s no small task to fulfill the facility manager role. That’s why we love any opportunity to shine the light on those that do this important work.

This month, we continue our Meet the Manager series with Tim Friedenberger. Tim is the Vice President of Facility Operations with Powers Management at Bridgestone Arena. Keep reading to hear what it’s like to manage the home of Nashville’s NHL team, the Nashville Predators!

Meet Tim Friedenberger of Bridgestone Arena

What is your role as VP of Facility Operations?

I manage the back of house operations department including ice operations, engineering, maintenance, new construction, conversions and project management.

How did you get involved with facility management?

I entered this industry as an ice technician with Ice Systems of America. We were subcontracted by the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL Club) to install a portable rink into a temporary facility for their inaugural season. After a year of operation, I was offered an opportunity to join the Tampa Bay Lightning organization as their Operations Manager.

How big is your facility?

The Bridgestone Arena is nearly 1,000,000 square feet.

What is your best piece of advice to others in your role?

To make the workplace a fun and exciting place to be. Reward excellence and work to grow all staff members so that they have the ability to contribute in a meaningful way. A wise man once told me, “You are only as good as those around you.” It is our job to grow those around us and make them better.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your current role?

Coordination efforts in order to reduce waste.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

That every day is different and knowing there will be challenges on a daily basis that will need to be overcome. Also, working with an organization that is passionate and committed to success on all fronts, invests in its community, and has a culture of hard work and reward.

What’s unique about your role managing the facilities of an arena and the home of an NHL team?

I think managing how to get from one event into the next is somewhat unique. When you have a string of events over a four day period — say hockey, to a dirt show like Monster Jam, to a concert and then back to hockey — it can be very challenging. There are so many moving parts that need to be considered and generally your timelines are very tight. It takes a great deal of coordination from everyone involved (operations, marketing, sales, food and beverage, housekeeping) to be successful.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Reviewing staff daily tasks, meetings, monitoring building systems, coordinating schedules, building walks to assess cleanliness and general maintenance. Assessment, coordination and implementation of capital improvements and new construction.

How does having a clean building help your business?

Having a clean building is paramount to our business. A clean building helps sell sponsorships and season tickets. Having a clean building makes booking the facility events easier.

How does preventative maintenance create value for you, or your business?

It saves the organization from having to make repeated capital investments.

How has DPM Care’s service impacted your business?

DPM has been a great partner. Their dedication and experience within their industry means we will not make an investment in carpeting for years. I firmly believe DPM will extend the life of our carpet by at least five years beyond its intended life. Their staff are some of the most professional folks I have had the privilege of working with. They do a great job of working around our ever-changing schedule and need very little, if any, assistance when they are on site.