Moving Into 2021 With Laughter, Gratitude and Faith

The year that shall not be named is over. It was fraught with, well, a bit of everything that’s dark, sad and depressing. So, what’s next? How can we make 2021 brighter, more full of hope and happier even when it isn’t? 

Here at DPM, we are focusing on the good we see in the world and actions we can take to help ourselves and our customers, families and friends do the same. 

Words to Help You Stay Positive in 2021

Studies show there are quite a few things that can help us keep ourselves in a good mental space, even when things aren’t going well:

In addition to these words, which have guided me throughout my life, I’ve also reflected on what I can do, both for myself and our team, to make the most of 2021. 

Lessons from 2020

Here are a couple of ideas and plans I have for this year based on the lessons I learned last year:

1. Keep the calm going. 

There’s a theory that we should all try to be like the ducks on the water – calm on the topside, but underneath paddling like crazy. If I learned anything from the last 12 months it is that as a leader, it’s important for me to keep my calm while paddling to keep our business moving forward. That way, we can do more for your businesses as the pandemic continues and we move further along our new normal path. 

Additionally, there’s something refreshing about a slower pace. It’s been nice not to have a jam-packed calendar, always having places to go. Letting go of the busyness also helps me focus more on what’s important.

It isn’t always easy, but I am doing all I can to incorporate laughter, gratitude and faith into my life as much as possible. 

2. Enjoy the season. 

If we learned anything from last year it’s that time is fleeting and we should slow down to appreciate where we are and the good things in our lives. For instance, this month, let’s revel in the Tennessee Titans playoff run for as long as it lasts (fingers crossed that’s all the way to Tampa Bay in February). 

The Nashville Predators are back on the ice and SEC college basketball for men and women is in full swing. We are blessed in Tennessee with mild winters, so there are still opportunities for getting out and about in our beautiful state. 

Moving Forward in a Positive Way in 2021

We are all ready for a new beginning, but let’s not forget some of the lessons last year taught. Moving forward together is the best way for all of us to succeed.