Environmental Health

Breathe Easy.

In today‘s litigious society, it is important for facility owners and managers to be proactive when it comes to the indoor environment. News releases like Your Health Club May Be Full of Germs on ABC‘s Primetime keep the public aware of where fungi (mold) and bacteria exist. Typical indoor air exposures to fungi do not present a risk of adverse health effects. The environment in which we live and work will always have fungi and bacteria present to some extent.

The level or quantity of fungi and bacteria is key to environmental quality. Levels are defined by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. Fungi and bacteria can grow on virtually any substance, as long as moisture or water, oxygen and an organic source is present.

The idea is to keep mold spores and bacteria out of the air where it can be breathed. Carpeting and upholstery trap airborne particles. In time, these surfaces trap more and more materials that need to be removed. Problems occur when a carpet is neglected or an improper cleaning method is used.

Verified Success

  • Our process has been verified for cleaning effectiveness as it relates to CFU/g.
  • Specialized testing is performed prior to cleaning with a micro-vac sampling tO determine specific fungi and bacterial elements present.
  • The carpet is cleaned using proprietary technology called SaniClean.
  • After the cleaning, a follow-up micro-vac is performed to determine the effectiveness.

Proven Results

  • Sanitation of carpet, in addition to cleaning, becomes an important issue in many facilities such as childcare, eldercare, church nurseries, exercise facilities, schools, healthcare centers and areas where food is served.
  • No cleaning process will eliminate 100% of microbials, but test data indicates the DPM (change to fit version, that goes for everywhere) SaniClean treatment practically eliminates all microbials in the carpet that has been cleaned.
  • The SaniClean cleaning process is extremely effective in maintaining carpet for day-to-day maintenance in most facilities.

DPM cannot guarantee elimination of contents in the carpet, but through testing we know that the DPM SaniClean will bring microbial levels well within tolerance as defined by the ACGIH. In most cases, microbials will be virtually non-existent. Some severe cases do exist, especially when bonnet cleaning is used for an extended period of time, when maintenance neglect leaves carpeting in need of restoration, or when carpets with absorbent backing systems are used. In these instances, additional treatment might be necessary. Restoration cases need to have before and after micro-vacs performed to ensure that the treatment does not need to be repeated.