Chair Matting

Save your floors – and your money.

Provide Protection Where Your Carpet Needs It Most

Few areas of carpet in offices take more abuse than the ones where people sit. You’ve probably seen areas of carpeting in cubicles and behind desks faded, damaged or destroyed from rolling chair wheels (called casters). Casters grind soil into the carpet and break down its appearance.

A smart and easy way to prevent this problem—and preserve and maximize your carpet investment—is by using chair mats.

Chair mats can protect areas of carpet that receive constant foot and chair abuse, keeping them from marring or fading before the rest of the carpet. By investing in quality chair mats today, you can save on carpet maintenance and reduce the frequency of future carpet replacements.

DPM offers a variety of chair matting options including mats that carry a lifetime warranty and come in colors that work with your space. We promise they don’t have to be ugly to be effective!

Let us equip you with the perfect chair mats that will keep your offices looking good.

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