Hard Surface & Grout Cleaning

Step up to cleaner floors.

Let the Beauty of Your Office Floors Shine Through

Do the floors in your facilities look dull and listless? Does it seem like they never really get clean? Dragging a mop over your floor may temporarily improve its appearance, but you’re not really cleaning it. You’re mostly just moving dirt around and leaving germs and microbials behind.

Experience the difference a thorough, effective floor cleaning makes with our hard surface cleaning services. Whether you have VCT/sheet vinyl, terrazzo, ceramic or porcelain tile, stained or polished concrete, rubber or luxury vinyl tile, we’ll get your floors spotless, sanitary, and shining.

A well-maintained floor promotes a healthy workplace, a positive organizational image, and increased longevity for your flooring. From wall to wall, make sure your flooring looks the best it can be. Let DPM give your floors a higher degree of clean.

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