High Surface & Ceiling Cleaning

Overhead surfaces as clean as the rest of your building

A Higher Degree of Clean for High Surfaces

Just because you can’t see the dust and cobwebs on high surfaces in your building — ceilings,  window sills and ductwork — doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.

When dirt and debris builds up on high surfaces, it can negatively impact the air quality in your building. Overtime, those dust particles can drift down on to other surfaces and even impact the air you breathe.

With DPM Care’s new specialized equipment, we can help you clean all of those overhead surfaces — all without scaffolding and interruptions to your business.

High Surfaces DPM Care Can Clean

We specialize in cleaning the following overhead surfaces:

See the DPM Care Difference

Hassle-Free High Surface Cleaning

Stop ignoring the hard-to-reach places in your commercial building. You don’t have to be embarrassed by dirty overhead surfaces because they are difficult to clean. 

Your high surfaces deserve a higher degree of clean. Contact DPM Care to keep your ceiling and overhead surfaces as clean as the rest of your facility.

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