Indoor Health

Give your office a breath of fresh air.

Improve Air Quality with a Sustainable Carpet Care Program

Have you had issues with air quality in your facilities? It may trace back to your carpet. According to the EPA, “Carpet can act as a ‘sink’ for chemical and biological pollutants including pesticides, dust mites, and fungi.” A sustainable carpet care program is essential to maintaining indoor health.

One cleaning with our Spectrum™ process will neutralize 90% of all allergens, bacteria, and fungi in your environment while significantly improving indoor air quality. Our SaniClean™ process goes one step further, neutralizing 99% of all microbial and organic contaminants in your carpet.

Our SaniClean™Process is Scientifically Proven to Deliver Results

The SaniClean™ process is extremely effective for day-to-day carpet maintenance and keeping your air clean. Specialized testing is performed prior to cleaning to determine specific fungi and bacterial elements present—and a follow-up test ensures those elements have been effectively removed.

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A healthier work environment is a better work environment. Improve the indoor air quality of your offices with innovative, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning. Stop microbial growth and mold and mildew formation, and help prevent the spread of germs, contagious viruses, and the flu.

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