Upholstery & Leather Cleaning

Deeper clean, fresher furniture.

Don’t Let Your Office Chairs Take a Backseat and Cleaning Time

Like your carpet, your office furniture is an investment you want to protect and maximize. Despite the fact that people use them every day, your office chairs and other furniture rarely get the cleaning care they need.

We want to help you change that. Our innovative SaniClean™ technology uses a low-moisture process to remove soils and stains from your upholstery while also sanitizing and deodorizing. The quick-dry time prevents microbial growth, creating a healthier work environment, and our FiberShield™ will protect your chairs and upholstery from future damage.

Just because you don’t walk on your upholstered furniture doesn’t mean you aren’t building up germs, dirt, and dead skin cells. Give your upholstered furniture and panels a deeper, longer-lasting cleaning that will leave your office environment looking fresh and clean.

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Remove the Dirt and Oil Lurking in Your Leather

Leather is a beautiful material with a sleek, elegant and professional appearance. You probably chose leather furniture for your offices because of the polished perception it creates.

But leather furniture can be a challenge to clean and maintain. Body oils, dust, debris, soil, and dyes from clothing can all damage leather’s protective finish and become deposited in its pores. Meanwhile, using the wrong cleaners can harm leather’s exterior or leave it looking dull.

Make sure your leather furniture gets the care and cleaning it needs. Our technicians have a PhD in clean. They know how effectively treat leather to remove dirt and other materials and maximize its appearance. Allow us to condition your leather furniture and give it a refreshing new shine. 

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