Tile & Grout

Tile & Grout

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Like new again.

Do the floors in your facilities look dull and listless? Dragging a mop over your floor may temporarily improve its appearance, but you’re not really cleaning it. You’re mostly just moving dirt around and leaving germs and microbials behind. Experience the difference a thorough, effective floor cleaning makes with our hard surface cleaning services.

Keep your grout clean and your tile bright.

Regular cleaning of your hard surfaces not only improves the look of your flooring, but also removes dirt and microbials that get left behind from daily cleaning and mopping. DPM’s state-of-the art technology cleans and sanitizes your hard-surface flooring and penetrates deep into porous grout to remove embedded dirt and organics. We’ll design a hard-surface cleaning program to remove unsightly stains and restore the shine to your floors.

A well-maintained floor promotes a healthy workplace, a positive organizational image, and increased longevity for your flooring. From wall to wall, make sure your flooring looks the best it can be. Let DPM give your floors a higher degree of clean.