How Carpet Maintenance Can Save You Money

When most of us hear the word “maintenance” we immediately think of the word “money”. Maintenance often means more money out the door. But that’s not always the case – especially with carpet maintenance.

In fact, smart and strategic maintenance can actually save you money. By investing a little in keeping a product functioning at a high level, you can save yourself the high cost repair or replacement down the line.

That’s certainly the case with the carpeting in your facilities.

When it comes to carpeting, it’s all about gauging the short-term versus the long-term costs—which, unfortunately, too many companies just don’t do. As a result, they shell out a lot more money in the long haul than they need to.

Case Study: Carpet Life Cycle Cost Comparison

Here is a great example of the difference high-quality carpet maintenance can make on a company’s bottom line…

A transportation company had more than 83,000 square feet of carpeting in their facility. They were using one of the nation’s most popular upholstery and carpet cleaning companies to regularly clean their carpets.

After five years, they saw the need for new carpeting. But they didn’t have the budget available to do it at that time. So they brought in DPM Care to see if we could salvage the carpet.

Not only were we able to restore the carpet, we created a customized maintenance program that enabled them to put off replacing the carpet until 2020—while still keeping it in good working and looking condition.

This meant big cost savings for the client.

As the graphic below shows, the client was on course to spend a total of $506,171 for installing and maintaining their carpet over 5 years (at an average cost of $101,234 a year).

Thanks to our work to extend the life of their carpet with our maintenance program, they will instead spend a total of $597,715 on their carpet over 10 years (knocking the average cost down to $59,715 a year).

Carpet lifecycle savings

That’s the difference a quality maintenance program can have on your carpet and your budget.

How a Carpet Maintenance Program Saves You Money Over the Long Haul

It’s a simple equation: The longer a carpet lasts, the less it will cost you. A consistent maintenance program can extend the life of carpet by 5-10 years depending on the facility and traffic patterns. As illustrated above, that can add up to ten of thousands of dollars in savings a year.

Unfortunately, many companies simply stick with standard janitorial services and don’t supplement them with a separate carpet maintenance program. As a result, their carpets don’t get the care they need and they suddenly find themselves faced with the major expense of carpet replacement.

That’s the tricky thing about carpet — it may visually look clean, but damage can happen under the surface where abrasive soils get trapped. Once a traffic lane appears, the damage is irreversible.

What does a maintenance program do for your carpet that standard janitorial cleaning does not?

At DPM Care, we use an exclusive system to get carpets cleaner—and keep them cleaner, longer, to save our clients money.

How does our system help extend the life of your carpet? Here are a few ways:

1. It uses low moisture so it won’t damage the carpet long term.

Moisture left in carpets after cleaning can be a big problem—leaving behind a filthy residue; leading to bacteria, germ build-up, and reappearing stains; and making your carpet more susceptible to future damage.

To solve this problem, we spent two years developing a low-moisture chemistry to remove dirt and stains with a minimal amount of water and no residue left behind.

2. Lifts the fibers with each cleaning to keep your carpet looking new.

By lifting the fibers in your carpet with every cleaning, we prevent your carpet from matting and traffic patterns appearing. Worn-down areas of carpet from traffic moving through on a daily basis are often a primary reason companies look to replace carpeting.

3. Repairs, protects and prevents to stop problems before they occur.

Our FiberShield that we use with every cleaning forms a protective shield around fibers to prevents future stains. Our highly trained technicians also check the carpet for any potential problem areas and trim any carpet snags to prevent raveling. We want to stop problems before they develop.

Combined, these efforts work to keep your carpeting in the best possible condition for the longest possible time. That’s something you just don’t get with janitorial services alone or competitive carpet cleaning services.

The Bottom Line: Invest Today to Save Tomorrow

Maintenance of any product is all about being proactive. It’s about thinking ahead and preventing problems so you don’t have to deal with them down the roads. In the case of carpeting, problems can be very costly.

Effective carpet maintenance will extend the life of your carpet so you don’t have to replace it as often—which can significantly reduce your long-term capital expenditure. By spending a little today, you can save a lot tomorrow.

Ready to find out how a quality carpet maintenance program can save your company money?

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