Cleaning Myths Debunked

The Truth About Common Cleaning Beliefs

October brings to mind thoughts of Halloween and its associated myths. But when it comes to commercial cleaning, there are myths that businesses shouldn’t fall for. Let’s tackle and debunk some of the most common misconceptions in the cleaning industry.


Myth: If it smells clean, it is clean.


Truth: Many businesses believe that if an office space smells like pine or lemon, it’s germ-free. The reality is that scent doesn’t equate to cleanliness. Many products mask odors without killing germs. In a business setting, it’s crucial to use effective, certified cleaning products that do more than just smell good. Discover DPM’s thorough cleaning services.


Myth: All green products are safe and effective.


Truth: While businesses shift toward eco-friendly operations, it’s essential to remember that not all green products are created equal. Some might not be effective against the tougher grime or particular types of pathogens. Ensure you’re using green products that are also proven effective for your business’s specific needs.


Myth: Desks are the dirtiest spots in the office.


Truth: While desks can harbor germs, studies have shown that communal areas like the office kitchen, elevator buttons, and doorknobs often have significantly more bacteria. These high-touch areas need frequent and thorough cleaning.


Myth: The more cleaning products you use, the cleaner the surface.


Truth: Using excessive amounts of a product doesn’t necessarily make an office cleaner. It can lead to residue build-up, making surfaces sticky and attracting more dirt. In a business setting, it’s not just wasteful but can also increase costs unnecessarily. Learn about DPM’s innovative cleaning methods.


Myth: Commercial spaces only need deep cleaning annually.


Truth: Waiting too long between deep cleanings can allow dirt and pathogens to accumulate. High-traffic commercial spaces benefit from more frequent deep cleaning sessions, ensuring a healthier and more pleasant environment for both employees and clients.


Myth: Regular vacuuming can wear out office carpets.


Truth: Contrary to this popular belief, regular vacuuming extends the life of office carpets by preventing dirt build-up that can degrade carpet fibers. In high-traffic office areas, vacuuming multiple times a week is not only safe but recommended. Check out DPM’s carpet care services.


This October, while enjoying the thrill of myths and legends that come with Halloween, remember not to let myths cloud your judgment in the realm of office cleaning. Always base your cleaning practices on facts and up-to-date research. Ensuring your office space is genuinely clean and safe is no trick – but it’s indeed a treat for everyone involved! Reach out to us if you’d like a free site assessment!