How to Budget for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

It happens slowly, so it’s hard to notice.

But the dirt adds up, until one day, you’re looking at your building’s carpet wondering How did this get so dirty?

It’s time to call a commercial carpet cleaning professional. But do you know how much you should be paying? Have you budgeted enough? Will you be able to get the most value for your money?

3 Things That Affect Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Budget

Whether you’ve been hiring carpet cleaning pros for years or are new to the process, here are some practical tips you can use to make sure you’re budgeting correctly for your facility’s next cleaning.

1. Determine how much square footage you have to clean

Commercial carpet cleaning services are priced by the square foot. Naturally, the more area that must be cleaned, the more you should budget toward cleaning.

The price per square foot for commercial carpet cleaning will vary depending on the area of the country you’re in and the type of carpet cleaning method (i.e. low-moisture cleaning or extraction) you choose.

No matter which of these choices you make, you need to come to your carpet cleaning vendor equipped with square footage information. From there, your carpet cleaning partner can provide price per square foot.

2. Examine your floor plan

Some areas of your carpet get more foot traffic than others. These areas usually hold the most dirt, so they require cleaning more often. That’s something that most commercial carpet cleaning companies will take into consideration when providing pricing.

Examine your floor plan to determine how many highly-trafficked areas are in your facility. These areas often include entrances and exits, as well as paths to restrooms and break rooms.

The more “highly-trafficked” areas you have in your facility, the more you should budget for cleaning.

3. Choose your frequency

Frequency is another important factor to consider in pricing for commercial carpet cleaning. The size, usage and traffic patterns of your facility will all play a role in determining how often your carpet should be cleaned.

For instance, we clean the carpets at multiple sports arenas and stadiums, including Nissan Stadium, where the Tennessee Titans play. These types of facilities deal with foot traffic from thousands of people. That’s why we clean their carpets after every game.

Other businesses facilities receive far less foot traffic and wear. In those cases, cleaning the carpets once a month or even once a quarter might be sufficient.

How to simplify budgeting for carpet cleaning

Budgeting for commercial carpet cleaning can be easy.

There’s a simple way to ensure your carpet stays clean and lasts as long as possible while saving you money in the long run. We call it a carpet maintenance program. A carpet maintenance program will keep your carpets clean and fresh, while also extending the life of your carpet, so you’ll have to pay for fewer carpet replacements.

If you already have a carpet maintenance program in place, your price will be the same unless your vendor changes the price or you decide to change the frequency of cleanings.

If you don’t have a preventative carpet maintenance plan in place, we’d love to make one for you.

We can assess your site, review your floor plan, and make recommendations about how often your carpet should be cleaned.

Interested? Just click here to request a free site assessment. We look forward to helping you!