Does Surface Cleaning Still Matter for Businesses?

Since March 2020, facilities have been cleaning and disinfecting every surface in sight in order to fend off COVID-19. But now, the Centers for Disease Control is saying that transmission of the virus is low when it comes to surfaces

So, should you still be so laser-focused on cleaning surfaces? At DPM Care, we say, “yes,” and not just because it’s our business. 

But because it’s our business, we do have special insight into why you need to continue your routine – particularly when it comes to cleaning – not necessarily because of COVID-19.  

Why Cleaning Surfaces Still Matters for Businesses

One of the best reasons to continue your cleaning routine is that everyone coming and going from your facility, whether they are an employee, customer or vendor, has upped their expectations when it comes to cleanliness. If you and your team aren’t continuing––or even increasing your cleaning efforts––people will notice. 

A survey a few years ago showed that people really do notice what a building looks and smells like. The survey is about retail, but the lessons apply across the board. People want to be in and spend money in spaces that are clean, orderly and look professional. 

Today, more than ever, a clean office or store or facility says that you care about the people there and their health. Just because COVID-19 isn’t transmitted on surfaces, there are plenty of other viruses and diseases that are. The changes we made this last year are most likely what kept the 2020-21 flu season at the lowest number of cases ever

The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces

Cleaning still matters, even if disinfecting doesn’t have to be the priority. 

So, what’s the difference between cleaning and disinfecting? Is disinfecting just more cleaning? Not really. 

Let’s start by defining cleaning versus disinfecting:

  • Cleaning is removing dirt and debris from surfaces. 
  • Disinfecting is destroying germs on those surfaces.

Before you can disinfect surfaces, they have to be cleaned first. That’s why many disinfecting processes aren’t as effective as they could be. Proper disinfecting relies on a clean surface to be effective. 

Both cleaning and disinfecting are important. But if done properly, cleaning will mean less disinfecting is necessary in the long run. 

What COVID-19 Taught Us About Surface Cleanliness

One thing COVID-19 has uncovered is just how poor many facility’s cleaning practices were. What many thought was clean really wasn’t after all.

It wasn’t that companies didn’t want clean workspaces. But in the pre-pandemic days, speed and cost were often the deciding factors in what got cleaned and disinfected, how well and how often. Cleaning surfaces was necessary, but not a priority. 

While disinfecting may no longer be as important, we hope that companies have a renewed interest in keeping facilities clean. 

How to Clean Surfaces Properly

So, what does proper cleaning look like?  

The CDC says soap and water is enough to clean. If done properly, that is. The trick is to make sure you are taking the time to remove dirt, debris and other materials from surfaces. 

Oftentimes, companies are quick to apply disinfectant over and over again without cleaning first. This can lead to build up on surfaces. If that’s the case, you might need to use a degreaser or clean a few times with soap and water to ensure surfaces are clean.

The CDC says cleaning once a day is enough. And depending on the risk level in your building, you can decide how often to disinfect surfaces. 

If you want to reduce the hassle of regularly disinfecting surfaces, you might consider our SaniShell Surface Protection Program, which keeps surfaces germ-free for up to three months.

We are Committed to Your Building’s Cleanliness

Here at DPM Care, we have always been committed to working with our customers to develop the best systems and procedures to clean, disinfect and protect surfaces from harmful germs. The pandemic only reinforced our efforts in these areas. 

Let us know how we can help you and your team keep your facilities clean and professional for employees and customers alike.