What DPM Care is Grateful for in 2021

If there’s anything the past two years have taught us, it’s the importance of appreciating what we have instead of taking our blessings for granted.

At DPM Care, we like to use this time of year to reflect on all the things we’re thankful for, to celebrate our team’s accomplishments, and to appreciate the best parts of this year before looking ahead to the next.

What We are Grateful For in 2021

Though 2021 brought its fair share of challenges and obstacles, we know we have so much to be thankful for. And most of all, we’re grateful for our amazing team.

With each new difficulty or problem we faced this year, every member of our team rose to the occasion with a positive attitude, dedication to their work, and the ability to adapt to new circumstances. 

Not only have our team members come together to continue delivering great results, but they also make it a pleasure to come to work every day. It’s an honor to work with a team that truly cares about each other and about the people we serve.

We’re also incredibly grateful for our clients. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve watched them navigate difficulties with grace and innovation, and we admire their commitment to keeping their teams and their facilities safe.

What Our Employees are Grateful For

When asked what they’re grateful for at work this year, our team members’ most common answers had to do with the relationships they’ve built with each other. 

They cited specific examples of team members who continue to raise the bar, such as Fulfillment Manager Adam Backus who stepped into a new role this year and showed amazing leadership in the process. Some team members also mentioned the friendships that make coming to work more enjoyable, like Lead Tech Darrius Dailey’s camaraderie with James, Jamar, Marcus, and Trent in the Nashville office. 

Nashville Operations Manager CJ Williams appreciates the way the lead techs have come together to solve problems throughout the year, and Operations Coordinator Trent Miller highlighted CJ’s ability to understand what his team needs and help make sure everyone is content and happy at work. 

Other team members mentioned their gratitude for opportunities to grow and learn in the workplace. Additionally, Lead Tech James Covington, Sr. appreciates the new SH28s that make cleaning tile much easier, and Operations Solutionist Harrison Kincaid loves that he gets the opportunity to bring his dogs to work with him. 

Family, Health, and Wonderful Memories 

In their personal lives, many of our team members are more grateful than ever for their health and the health of their family members.

We’re also thankful for the way our families have grown. Operations Manager CJ Williams got married, Jordan Simmons, vice president of accounts and operations, celebrated the birth of his son, and Lead Tech James Covington, Sr. was thrilled to find out he’ll be having a baby girl. 

Alli and Neal Peters, owners from our East Tennessee office, are grateful to be entering the empty nest phase, and they look forward to spending more quality time together. 

Operations Solutionist Harrison Kincaid is thankful for the new home he moved into this year, while Fulfillment Manager Adam Backus appreciates the opportunities he’s had to travel and improve his golf game. 

Great Clients Make Our Work Possible

As we look ahead to the next year, we’re excited to continue growing, continue strengthening our relationships with each other, and continue focusing on our desire to deliver the highest quality of service for every client. 

We are grateful to all of our clients who make our work possible each and every day. Thank you for trusting us to deliver a higher degree of clean for your business!