How to Protect Hard Surfaces from Furniture Damage

Floors receive a lot of wear and tear, and not just from people walking over them. Standing up, sitting down, pulling out chairs and shuffling furniture configurations to suit changing needs are daily occurrences. Dirt and grime affect your floor in ways we can clean up, but furniture damage can wear out your floor fast and leave unsightly marks that won’t scrub off.

You have made an investment in your floors and you want to keep them looking great. Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect hard surfaces from furniture damage.

How to Protect Your Floors

Reminding everyone to take care when moving tables and heavy items—don’t drag furniture if you are able to lift and carry it—and using floor pads for big items like sofas is sensible, but it is often not enough. Sofas may not get moved every week, but office chairs get pushed across spaces multiple times a day. Chair legs, casters, and swivel seats wear on hard surfaces and create long-term damage that can sneak up on you.

Nobody wants, or has the time, to police everyone who uses a space for proper chair form. So what can be done about long-term surface damage from chair legs, casters, and metal tubing?

We understand how frustrating it is to see spaces get run down by furniture damage. The best way to prevent furniture damage to your floors is to be proactive and utilize products that help you extend the life of your floor and maintain that sleek, polished style that your facility needs.

DPM Care Floor Protection Offers Comprehensive Quality

We have come a long way from tennis balls on chair legs. And everyone has seen the clear plastic mats that can be put under chairs, but those mats are often unattractive and many have spikes underneath meant for carpet that may scratch your hard floors anyway. There are now new ways to protect your floors and solve the problem of damaged and scuffed surfaces.

The DPM Care Floor Protection offers a line of products that firmly affix to your chairs, creating a cleaner look and a lasting bond over the life of your furniture. These different floor protection methods offer quality, aesthetically pleasing choices for modern offices.

A great choice for floor protection is heat-activated sealed furniture add-ons. These products are placed over the furniture and heated until the seal shrinks and bonds to the chair, creating a permanent protective layer that is one with your furniture.

DPM Care caster coverChair Caster Covers (pictured right) loop right around the wheel and shrink against the caster, with no gaps or ripples. These will not come off, even with heavy-duty repetitive movement, and won’t make annoying flapping or crinkling noises.

Clear Sleeves work the same way, flexibly bonding to your circular or square chair leg and putting a soft pad of felt between your chair and your flooring. It is a fast, economical choice, especially for larger spaces, without the unsightly appearance that other floor protection solutions offer.

Swivel-foot chairs are not exempt from our list of floor-damaging suspects. They may not move as much but they can absolutely leave damaging marks, especially when being dragged from place to place. DPM Care Floor Protection swivel protectors come with a lifetime warranty against removal and can fit almost any size foot. It can fit high angles and different lengths, and swivel-foot protectors cut friction against your flooring.

For those chairs with metal tube-legs, we offer the Sled Base (pictured left). These clip securely to metal tube-leg chairs, lifting your chair and protecting your floor from damage with a felt pad.

Whatever type of furniture your office holds, there is a solution to ensure your floors are protected with their quality maintained and looking sharp.

Convenience Is Part of Floor Protection

The idea of heat-bonding all those caster covers, sleeves, and swivel protectors yourself is enough to make even the steadiest manager quake. That is why DPM Care Floor Protection includes purchase and installation. You tell us what you want, and we’ll handle the ordering process. We will come directly to you and see that everything is correctly applied to your furniture.

The best part is that these products do not have to be reapplied. Once we are done, you won’t have to worry about multiple return visits. You can rest easy knowing that you have saved money and added time to the life of your flooring with a solution that’s practical, affordable, and unobtrusive.

Contact us today to get the best possible long-term protection for your facility flooring. DPM Care Floor Protection is here to make it easy for you!