The Secret to Lowering Your Commercial Carpet Expenses

Cheaper doesn’t always mean cheaper. 

But, doesn’t it?

Not necessarily—especially when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning. When choosing between a specialty floor cleaning service and a cheaper general-service option, the specialty cleaner will save you more. 

In this article, we’ll explain why cheaper doesn’t always mean better for your carpet maintenance budget.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning on A Budget

When it comes to reducing carpet maintenance costs, it can be tempting to reduce cleaning frequency or choose cheaper cleaning services. 

However, the best way to keep your carpet expenses low is to make the carpet last as long as possible. Because, in reality, the highest cost in your carpet maintenance budget is the carpet itself. 

If you need to replace the carpet prematurely, you’re out thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye. Cheaper services may clean your carpet for less, but they won’t use the equipment and solutions that prevent the carpet from degrading. And, they won’t implement a maintenance program that is specifically designed to maximize the longevity of your carpet.

A carpet cleaning specialist understands your needs and can recommend a preventative maintenance program unique to your facility and your budget. For example, if you want to keep your carpet cleaning costs as low as possible, a specialist can identify and treat problem spots and your most high-trafficked areas. Plus, they will make recommendations to extend the life of your carpet to avoid premature replacement. 

The Carpet Maintenance Program Difference

How does a specialty cleaning service make your carpet last longer?  

Here are the most notable differences you’ll see with a carpet specialists’ cleaning system

  • They use low moisture so it won’t damage the carpet long term;
  • They lift the fibers with each cleaning to keep your carpet looking new; and
  • They repair, protect, and prevent to stop problems before they occur.

Specialists take an in-depth approach that extends the life of your carpet by years, saving you money over time. In fact, we’ve crunched the numbers. One DPM Care customer saved $41,519 a year by using our maintenance program instead of continuing with another service.

Take a look at the cost analysis below.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost Analysis 

Carpet cleaning cost analysis

Opportunity: A transportation company had more than 83,000 square feet of carpeting in their facility. They were using one of the nation’s most popular upholstery and carpet cleaning companies to clean their carpets regularly.

After five years, they saw the need for new carpeting. But they didn’t have the budget available to do it at that time. So, they brought in DPM Care to see if we could salvage the carpet.

Solution: Not only were we able to restore the carpet, but we also created a customized maintenance program that enabled them to put off replacing the carpet until 2020—while still keeping it in excellent condition. The maintenance program added five years to the carpet’s lifecycle.

Savings: Previously, the client was on course to spend a total of $506,171 for installing and maintaining their carpet over five years (at an average cost of $101,234 a year). Thanks to implementing the preventative carpet maintenance program, they would instead spend a total of $597,715 on their carpet over ten years (knocking the average cost down to $59,715 a year).

See the full article here.

A Specialty Carpet Cleaning Service: The Best for your Budget

Choose to partner with a service that always has your best interest in mind—recommending quality over “unbeatable low prices.” You’ll appreciate investing in preventative maintenance when your carpet looks brand new years down the road.

Contact DPM Care to learn more about how we can work with your maintenance budget, saving you money year over year.