Meet the Team – Kyle Taylor, Field Operations

We appreciate our team at DPM Care. Everything we do for our clients is made possible by our fantastic employees who are constantly going above and beyond. One of our valued team members is Kyle Taylor and we’d love for you to learn more about him.

A Nashville native, Kyle has been a vital part of the DPM Care team for more than seven years. Before coming to work with us, Kyle worked in landscaping. He joined us as a part-time cleaning technician and it wasn’t long before he moved into field operations. He now oversees our cleaning crew, warehouse, and the maintenance of our equipment and vehicles. 

Kyle helps make our excellent customer service possible. And the fact that he has worked his way up from part-time technician to a member of our leadership team speaks to Kyle’s growth as an employee. We are always thrilled when our employees choose to stay with us and grow in their careers!

Why Kyle is So Important to Our Team

Thanks to Kyle, our team is always using reliable, high-quality equipment, and their transport vehicles are well maintained. He spends his days overseeing the warehouse, preparing the team for each job, and ensuring that those jobs are completed according to our quality standards. 

Kyle touches every part of the process from beginning to end. From briefing his team to reporting, he is a large part of helping DPM Care run smoothly. Our cleaning crew looks to Kyle for leadership and dependability, as he always ensures that the team has what they need and knows exactly what is expected for each job.

He also serves as a resource for our clients. Kyle answers clients’ questions about the cleaning process and how the equipment takes care of their surfaces. One of the most common questions he gets is about how our machines do their job. Because he takes ownership over the equipment maintenance, Kyle knows the ins and outs of all of our equipment and can help the client understand exactly how the process works.

Because of the quality of Kyle’s work, we’re able to provide our clients with the top-notch carpet and floor cleaning service they’ve come to know and expect. 

What Kyle Loves About DPM Care

DPM Care field technician carpet cleaning

Kyle enjoys creating relationships with clients and coworkers. He likes the environment and the people at DPM Care. “We have employee appreciation once a month. That gives us all an opportunity to slow down and talk, and I really enjoy that,” he says. 

Every job is Kyle’s top priority, but he has his favorites. He says his favorite part of working with DPM Care is the chance to see the behind-the-scenes areas of Nissan Stadium and Bridgestone Arena. 

Getting to Know Kyle Outside of DPM Care

A little known fact about Kyle is that he was part of the Fiddlers Grove Blacksmith Association for three years in middle school. A blacksmith by trade, Kyle loves working with his hands. 

Kyle and his wife, Kendall, recently purchased a home in Hermitage. They have a six-year-old cat named Snowtip and a two-year-old yellow lab named Copper, both of which he and his wife have raised since they were babies. 

When he’s not on the job, Kyle enjoys fishing and traveling. His favorite place to fish is on his grandfather’s farm on the Harpeth River. His favorite travel destination is Chicago, where he always tries to catch a Cubs game. 

Thank You, Kyle!

DPM Care appreciates Kyle’s dedication over the past seven years. We’re lucky he chooses to be with us, and we have loved watching him grow in his career. We’re all excited to watch him continue to progress and take on new challenges. 

Thank you, Kyle, for being part of our outstanding team!