Why Experienced Facility Managers Choose Specialty Cleaning Vendors

As a facility manager, you have too many irons in the fire. There is always something to take care of—something to manage, a vendor to talk with, prices to compare. While you manage your facility and keep operations running smoothly, the surfaces in your facility are collecting dirt, dust, bacteria, and oils. 

You’re aware of that. In fact, we talked about that a bit in our previous article about upholstery cleaning. But, what you might not be aware of is why you should turn to a specialty surface cleaning vendor to take care of it for you.

There are plenty of generalist services out there, promising you the world because they can clean all of your facility. What expert facility managers understand, though, is that a specialist can take care of your facility on a deeper level

While we focus on your surface cleaning program, this idea applies to any part of your facility. Here’s why you should choose a specialty cleaning vendor.

Why Choose a Specialty Cleaning Vendor 

Here are a few points to consider when choosing between a specialty vendor or a generalist: 

1. Your specialty cleaning vendor is an expert.

No matter how good a generalist cleaning service might be, they are stretched thin. They can take care of your floors and upholstery, for example, but they don’t have the expert-level knowledge to make them last as long as possible. 

A specialty cleaning vendor will help you extend the life of your surfaces so you’re not buying new carpet or flooring more often than necessary.

2. A specialty cleaning vendor has the proper equipment to do the job.

A specialty vendor will invest in the best tools on the market for that particular job. Because they focus on one area, they can be selective with their investment and do the proper research on new equipment.

In our case, for example, we have developed a proprietary cleaning system that removes dirt and stains from surfaces with a minimal amount of water and no residue left behind. Because we only focus on surface cleaning, we have invested in creating a patent-pending chemistry that removes stubborn stains other cleaners leave behind. Read more about what makes us different here.

3. A specialty cleaning vendor will cost less in the long run.

Financially, a specialty cleaning vendor is your best option for protecting your investment for the long run.

Although a generalist cleaning vendor can offer surface cleaning, for example, they won’t focus on preventative maintenance. While they may clean up spills and stains, a general cleaning service won’t treat the fabric and floors with a preventative mindset. Their goal is to keep it clean, and that’s where it ends. 

While this approach  might save you in the short term, it may mean that you are replacing your carpet, flooring or upholstery sooner which can be a significant capital investment. For a more in-depth look at how preventative maintenance can be better for your budget, check out our case study to see how extending the life of your carpet five years can add up to significant savings.

Where a Specialty Vendor Shines: Preventative Maintenance

A specialty cleaning vendor is preventative, not reactive. Generalist cleaning services will come into your facility to clean up what is dirty. That’s their job – to clean. 

But what they won’t do is put your services on a preventative maintenance program to help you protect your facility’s assets. A preventative maintenance program is how a specialty vendor keeps areas of your facility clean and keeps them looking brand new.

A preventive maintenance program doesn’t stand alone even when we’re talking about specialty vendors. You can still bundle several areas of your facility that fall under a specialty umbrella. For us, that’s your surface cleaning program. 

What You Can Include in a Surface Cleaning Program

A specialty surface cleaning vendor gives you the best of both worlds: a vendor with specialty equipment and expert knowledge that also allows you to bundle services. For example, with our preventative maintenance program, you can group several surface items. 

You can expect to combine these services with a surface cleaning vendor like DPM Care:

There are some areas of your facility that require a specialist to get the job done right. Although other types of services can clean your floors, a surface cleaning specialist like DPM Care is better equipped to do the job. No matter which service you’re looking for, hire someone who has the skills needed to do it well and right.

If you’re in Middle Tennessee, East Tennessee, or the Atlanta area, DPM Care can handle all of your surface cleaning needs. Click here to request a free site assessment to see how bundling surface cleaning with DPM Care can save you both time and money.