How Surface Cleaning Benefits Both Property Managers and Tenants


Property managers have a tough job. Depending on your role, you may manage multiple buildings and dozens of tenants. It’s a lot of people to keep happy. 

You can lessen your load by working with a surface cleaning expert and encouraging your tenants to join you. Here’s how working with a commercial surface cleaner will help both you and your tenants.

How Surface Cleaning Helps Property Managers

First, let’s look at how encouraging your tenants to use a commercial surface cleaning specialist for preventative maintenance benefits you as a property manager.

1. It saves you money.

When your tenants have their surfaces cleaned through a preventative maintenance program, it extends the life of your carpet or flooring

Preventative maintenance is especially important for carpet. When carpet is not properly cleaned on a regular basis, it needs to be replaced more frequently.

Encouraging your tenants to get their carpet cleaned on a regular schedule means fewer replacements between leases, saving you money

Plus, it means you can get new tenants in your building faster, reducing the amount of time an office space will sit empty. That means less lost revenue for your business.

2. It makes your space more attractive.

Current and potential commercial tenants want a facility that’s clean. In fact, lack of cleanliness is one of the top three complaints of tenants

You can head off those complaints with consistent professional cleaning in your common areas, such as entry ways, hall ways, bathrooms, stairwells and break rooms. 

Plus, a well maintained building will not only help you keep existing tenants, but it can also help draw in new ones. 

3. Professional surface cleaning helps prevent issues.

In addition to promoting good air quality, consistent professional surface cleaning for carpet, upholstery and flooring helps keep away everything from mold to insects and rodents.

Maintaining a clean space also includes your high surface areas. Accumulated dust and debris  can be the catalyst for devastating fires. Plus, cobwebs in parking garages can attract bats. Regular high surface cleaning can keep this issue at bay. 

All of these issues are ones that would land in the lap of the property manager. They can be mitigated with consistent professional surface cleaning.

How Professional Surface Cleaning Helps Tenants

Now that you’re convinced preventative maintenance by a specialist is valuable to you, here’s why your tenants will want to jump on board: 

1. A clean environment conveys competence and efficiency.

A potential new employee or client will make a snap judgement about the type of business they’re dealing with the moment they walk through the door. 

If the environment is neat and tidy, they’ll believe the business pays attention to detail and is reliable. That positive first impression will give the business an edge when it comes to hiring or selling.

On the other hand, carpet stains and dirty grout tile implies carelessness and a lack of professionalism. If the space has been overlooked, employees and customers are going to think they will be overlooked. 

2. Scheduled surface cleaning keeps the office environment healthy.

Studies consistently rank indoor air pollution as a leading environmental health problem. Regular professional cleaning maintains better air quality.

An EPA Report to Congress found that improved air quality results in fewer lost work days and higher productivity. Employee absences generate great financial cost. Any steps employers can take to keep their employees healthy benefits their company’s bottom line.

Dr. Donna LaMar agrees that giving employees healthy air to breathe will make them more productive – and happy! Happy, healthy employees take fewer sick days and want to stay with their employer.. Plus, a low turnover rate saves companies money.

Bottom line: a healthy office environment matters.

3. Consistent surface cleaning lowers the risk of replacement or repairs.

Many commercial leases include clauses that make tenants responsible for replacing items in the office space that are not in good shape. 

That includes cleaning and repairs to the flooring. 

While many tenants might think hiring a janitorial service would be sufficient, there’s wisdom in scheduling regular surface cleaning by professionals

A janitorial service focuses on general cleaning. They don’t typically have the expertise or experience to safely remove hard-to-clean stains from your floors. Their lack of knowledge could cause damage or void the warranty. 

That’s why there’s wisdom in hiring a commercial floor cleaning specialist. Proper maintenance of the carpet or flooring will reduce the necessity for a costly replacement down the road. 

Surface Cleaning: A Win-Win for Property Managers and Tenants

Hiring a surface cleaning specialist for preventative maintenance is in everyone’s best interest. It gives both property managers and tenants one less thing to worry about.

At DPM Care, we tailor each preventative maintenance program to fit the needs of our client. Let us take something off your plate. Contact us to see how DPM Care can help you today!