Building A Winning Team Culture


Company Culture

Encouraging a positive company culture is no small feat, but is critical to having a successful business with engaged and happy employees. Think of your company culture as a guide for your employees – it shows how they should treat each other, your customers, and anyone that interacts with your company. Your culture should foster connections between employees, along with mutual respect.

Even if your business has embraced a more flexible work schedule, including remote work, it is still your responsibility to create an environment that encourages your employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate as a team! This guide is a great tool for small teams and can be utilized by departments if you manage a larger team. A strong company culture increases creativity, employee engagement and retention, and will attract talented professionals to your business.

Okay, so hopefully you’re convinced – you want to boost your business’ company culture! But how? We’ve provided effective steps you can take as a manager or leader to improve your company culture: things that can be done daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, and yearly to benefit your team. 



Giving your employees spaces to chat daily fosters connections between your team!

  • Start a group text via messaging platform

Great tools like, Slack or Microsoft Teams, are great for internal communication. This way the team can openly text about personal doings, accomplishments, struggles, and quick notes to the whole team like “I’ll be about 10 mins late today” or “who wants coffee?”

  • Start a group chat on social media

Instagram is an ideal place to have a group chat running. Employees can easily share inspiring posts, business related videos, or funny memes! 



With more flexible schedules becoming increasingly common, it can be difficult to communicate with your whole team at once. We get it, some of your employees might work nights, work days, are in school, or have a family to take care of. However, it’s important to find a weekly time where everyone is available so that you can ensure your whole team is informed and on the same page.

  • Hold a mandatory weekly meeting.

Find a day that works best for everyone and schedule a weekly team meeting. In this meeting, have everyone share what they are working on. And we mean, everyone. Even if they can’t join in person, have them jump-in online. Each person should be heard! Openly share business accomplishments, struggles, ect. Be open to advice on growth or changes that could be made to benefit your business. This is a great way to bring the whole team together to collaborate!



Your employees need a chance to get to know each other outside of work to encourage deeper connections. A great way to break the ice with your team is to host a fun event where no work talk is expected and they can relax and better get to know each other instead. Don’t be afraid to invite your employees to bring a plus one – everyone involved will be more comfortable and get a better understanding of each other’s personal lives. 

Here are a few ideas to get the whole team together and strengthen their relationships!

  • Have a game night
  • Attend a sporting event
  • Go out to trivia
  • Go out for happy hour
  • Host a cook-off challenge
  • Plan an outdoor group activity (tubing, hiking, cave tour, museum, picnic at the park)
  • Host a group dinner



Yearly events with your company are a great way to acknowledge your team’s hard work and achievements throughout the year. Try hosting an Annual Awards Ceremony where your employees can be recognized and you can show your appreciation for their dedication. You should find a way to include everyone, but make sure to honor your employees who have gone above and beyond. This can inspire others to work harder in hopes to win the next year’s award!

Lastly, if you can find it in the budget, take your team on a RETREAT! Think of it as an internal conference. What better way to bond with your employees than a weekend trip somewhere in the mountains, in a big city, or near the ocean and discussing future business plans and ideas while getting to spend leisure time together. It’s a great opportunity to work together outside of the office and have a little fun!


If you can find fun and impactful ways to connect your team in and outside of the workplace, you’ll soon see that winning company culture you’ve been dreaming of! Try our tips to get your team more engaged and watch your business flourish!