Walking Back into Class so Fresh and so Clean!


As Summer begins to wind down, and we all start thinking about heading back to school, it’s important to set your students up for success. While new pencils, binders, and books are great, our version of success means sending students back to a clean, sanitized school environment. 

From pre-K to college, a clean school is important for the health and safety of all students, teachers and staff and can help contribute to a seamless school year with less sick days or closures due to illness. Wondering how exactly to get your school prepped and ready? Send us in, coach! 


Elementary & Middle Schools 

Children from pre-K all the way through middle school years are learning and adjusting to social norms of being at school and navigating those awkward pre-teen years of discovering hygiene. From covering their mouths when they sneeze or cough, to washing their hands after using the restroom, it’s no secret that younger children tend to produce just a few extra germs than adults. That’s why it’s so important to send them into the school year in a freshly cleaned and sanitized building! 

Our SaniShell Surface Protection System fully disinfects and protects surfaces to keep your space clean – and we’re not talking Lysol spray clean – we mean 99.9999% of all microbes on both hard and porous surfaces are eliminated, clean. Plus, testing by an EPA-approved lab shows the clear, antimicrobial film continues to kill viruses and germs for up to 90 days on hard surfaces and textiles, meaning an added sanitization boost well into Fall. 


High Schools 

High school is often filled with walking the halls more often for switching classes, high fives between friends, sharing calculators, and…well, sweat – teenagers are sweaty. 

We always recommend the SaniShell Surface Protection System for all high schools we work with to help keep the air pure and clean, but also highly recommend stripping and waxing floors heading into the new school year, as well as our hard surface cleaning services to keep your floors cleaner and longer lasting.

A team of Yale researchers found that the bacteria and fungi overwhelmingly came from the students sitting at the desks. They also found that, even after a desk cleaning, the microbes were back in full force within a few days. Those researchers weren’t working with us though, as we guarantee our sanitization services kill viruses and germs for up to 90 days on hard surfaces and textiles.

With our stripping and waxing services, our professionally trained technicians will strip, wax, seal and buff your waxed flooring to prolong the life of your investment, keeping hallways, cafeterias, gym floors and more protected throughout the school year. Our hard surface cleaning tackles other floor types that dozens of people use regularly (we’re talking VCT/sheet vinyl, terrazzo, ceramic or porcelain tile, stained or polished concrete, rubber or luxury vinyl tile), to help maintain a healthier environment for students and staff. 



Ah, the years of living in a dorm! The days when “cleaning” is led by those newly discovering adulthood and hundreds of individuals pack libraries, cafeterias and lecture halls daily. What better way to support college students than sending them into some of the most important years of their lives than with sanitized dorms, classrooms and other facilities? 

One of our specialty services for colleges is our high surface and ceiling cleaning. Just because you can’t see the dust and cobwebs on high surfaces in your buildings – ceilings, window sills and ductwork – doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. When dirt and debris build up on high surfaces, it can negatively impact the air quality in your building. Ducts, vents, windowsills, exposed beams, and so much more gather dirt and debris and can affect the air that students and faculty breathe. 

Looking to take your sanitization a step further? Add the SaniShell Surface Protection System to your cleaning routine, and have full germ and microbe protection for 90 days. 

Whether you’re wanting to keep a high-traffic area like a cafeteria or gymnasium clean, or individual areas like classrooms and dorms, we have a variety of specialty cleaning services to support schools and educational institutions. The more we keep our schools clean, the more our students and staff are able to stay healthy and have a more fulfilling time in school. 


Contact us today to learn more about our services for your school. We’d love to help you come up with a personalized approach for your school’s cleaning and sanitation needs!