Three Ways a Clean Work Environment Improves Your Business

Three Ways a Clean Work Environment Improves Your Business

With so much involved in running a business, it can be far too easy to fail to prioritize cleanliness in the workplace. Deep cleaning often gets overlooked, opting instead for minimal cleaning to create a short-term illusion of cleanliness. 

The cleanliness of your workspace has a much larger impact on your business than you might think, affecting your employees’ overall wellness and productivity, along with your reputation and image. Here are three ways having a truly clean work environment can immediately improve your business: 


Health & Wellness

As an employer, you’re responsible for ensuring your employees have a safe and healthy workplace. A clean work environment is crucial for keeping your employees healthy, and your facility may be dirtier than you think. 

According to the National Center for Health Research, a keyboard has 400 times the number of bacteria on a toilet. It is critical to have a plan to keep your indoor environment in tip-top shape, otherwise you risk an increase in diseases and illnesses caused by indoor air pollutants, surface contamination with toxins and microbes, and close contact among people in public spaces.

This means considering the cleanliness of all your surfaces – from furniture to carpet. According to the EPA, “carpet can act as a ‘sink’ for chemical and biological pollutants, including pesticides, dust mites, and fungi, just to name a few.” You can think of the carpet in your facility as an air filter, needing to be regularly and thoroughly cleaned to get rid of the harmful contaminants it collects and ensure they are not released back into the air that your employees and clients breathe. Simply vacuuming won’t cut it, as it leaves bacteria and fungi behind. 

Fortunately, DPM Surface Care has several options for deep cleaning your facility and maintaining cleanliness, including our sustainable carpet care program. Our SaniClean™ process, for example, neutralizes 99% of all microbial and organic contaminants in your carpet. With your indoor work environment clean, you’ll have happier and healthier employees, with less days missed from work due to illness. 


Employee Morale & Productivity

You don’t want to overlook the major mental health benefits a clean workplace has as well.  Having a dirty work environment can induce stress, along with reducing your employees’ morale and concentration. A study from Princeton University found that clutter makes it harder for people to focus on particular tasks, causing difficulty in maintaining attention and completing tasks efficiently. Employees spend a majority of their time at work, and having a clean environment during that time fuels motivation and makes your business a more enjoyable place to be! 

Additionally, more sick days means less time in the office, and unclean work environments can lead to the spread of diseases and illnesses affecting many employees at once. This can cost your business money and time associated with completing projects. Employee productivity is a major contributor to the bottom line! 

Keeping a consistently clean workspace increases productivity and the quality of the work done at your facility, so it’s time to make cleanliness a priority at your business. If you’re looking for a deep clean that lasts, our SaniShell Surface Protection System uses innovative technology to not only kill germs, but to prevent them from coming back for 90 days. It can be used on any interior or exterior surface, making it easy to keep your workplace environment cleaner than ever. 


First Impressions & Business Reputation

We know you’ve heard it time and time again – first impressions are everything. From the moment someone walks through the door, your facility is making a statement about your business. The cleanliness of your facility has more of an impact on that impression than you may think, both for your clients and employees. Having a clean facility is a constant, yet silent reminder to those that enter that you are an organized and capable business. This is crucial in promoting a positive image for your brand, as it encourages trust from your clients and respect from your employees. 

With all the benefits gained by a clean work environment, it’s time to prioritize cleanliness in your facility. Since it’s not always easy for businesses to maintain a perfectly clean workspace on their own, we’re here to help you get that next-level clean! We’d love to help you develop a plan to give you that ‘wow’ factor to set your business apart, so reach out to us today!