Making your industrial space move-in ready!




Moving into a new facility can be stressful and time consuming. Whether you’re upgrading to a larger space for your growing team, moving locations to better serve your clients, or hopping on the flexible workspace trend for your new hybrid work model, moving is challenging and time-consuming. 

Unfortunately, a significant aspect of moving commonly put on the back burner is quality cleaning. A big move can reveal dirt, dust and debris, including areas under or behind furniture you didn’t even know were dirty. If you haven’t planned in advance for a deep clean, these spaces can be left in a poor state – negatively impacting your image and reputation. 

The importance of deep cleaning your old workspace and also getting your new space into tip-top shape before move-in day cannot be overstated. It’s essential for not only the longevity of these spaces, but also the health and wellbeing of your people and others. 

The cleaning portion of your move doesn’t have to be stressful, though. You can leave that to the pros! We have extensive experience in quality move-in and move-out cleaning for clients in the industrial market with a variety of service offerings to ensure a thorough and holistic cleaning. 



One of the easiest places to ignore in an industrial space is hard-to-reach areas. Just because you can’t see the dust and cobwebs on high surfaces in your building – ceilings, window sills and ductwork – doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. 

Beyond the dirty physical appearance, dirt and debris build-up on high surfaces can negatively impact air quality. Over time, dust particles can also drift down onto other surfaces creating a less sanitary environment. 

With our specialized equipment, we can help you clean all of those overhead surfaces – light fixtures, ceiling fans, rafters, beams and more – all without scaffolding and interruptions to your move. 




Extended time in an office space or facility can leave floors looking dull and listless, and when it’s time for a move, you want to ensure the floors in your new space start off in a spotless condition. Don’t just reach for a mop – this may temporarily improve its appearance, but you’re not really cleaning it. You’re mostly just moving dirt around and leaving germs and microbes behind.

Experience the difference a thorough, effective floor cleaning makes with our hard surface cleaning services. Whether your space has VCT/sheet vinyl, terrazzo, ceramic or porcelain tile, stained or polished concrete, rubber or luxury vinyl tile, we’ll get your floors spotless, sanitary, and shining.

Not all floors are made the same, requiring specialty knowledge of the correct equipment and solutions to ensure a quality clean. For example, certain cleaning solutions can actually cause concrete flooring to lose their shine or become damaged in the process. Our technicians bring expert knowledge and innovative technology to the table in order to tackle any type of flooring in your facility. 




Have a tough carpet stain that won’t come out and moving day is fast-approaching? Our patent-pending carpet cleaning system can get the stain out for good, while other carpet cleaning methods can cause stains to reappear even after repeated cleanings. 

Think your carpet is beyond repair? It might not be. Our restorative cleaning process can bring damaged carpet back to life! Restorative carpet cleaning can give your carpet a temporary boost and keep you from having to completely replace your carpet before moving out of your facility, saving you time and money. 

Like your carpet, your upholstered office furniture is an investment you want to protect and maximize. Despite the fact that people use them every day, office chairs and other furniture rarely get the cleaning care they need. Give them the deep clean they require before moving into a new workspace. 

Our innovative SaniClean™ technology uses a low-moisture process to remove soils and stains from upholstery while also sanitizing and deodorizing. The quick-dry time prevents microbial growth, creating a healthier work environment, and our FiberShield™ protects chairs and upholstery from future damage.

Just because you don’t walk on your upholstered furniture doesn’t mean you aren’t building up germs, dirt, and dead skin cells. Give your upholstered furniture and panels a deeper, longer-lasting cleaning that will leave your new office environment looking spotless.


Regardless of the surface – high, low, hard or soft – we’d love to help you mark another thing off your moving day to-do list by giving your new or old industrial space the deep clean it needs. Reach out to us today for a free site assessment!