How to Keep the Carpet Clean in a Pet-Friendly Office

More companies are allowing employees to bring their pets to work. This is a rising trend we’ve been seeing in the offices we clean—and you may be seeing it in your offices too.

According to this CNBC report, 8% of U.S. workplaces now have a bring your pet to work policy—that’s up 3% from just 2013.

While taking your dog or cat with you to the office was almost unheard of only a decade ago, today it’s not uncommon to see furry friends wandering office hallways or lying under desks. There are good reasons for that.

Benefits of allowing employees to bring their pets to work include:

  • Less Stress Research has found having pets around reduces stress. That translates to the office too—for both pet owners and their co-workers.
  • Greater Productivity Without having to worry about getting home to feed or let out a pet, many employees will work longer hours. Taking “play breaks also helps keep employees energized.
  • Closer Relationships People bond over pets. As employees get to know each other’s pets, they also get to know each other better.
DPM Care has a pet friendly office, so I bring my dog, Bentley to work!

DPM Care has a pet friendly office, so I bring my dog, Bentley to work!

Of course, along with the benefits of having pets in the workplace also come some challenges. One of those challenges is the impact cats, dogs and other pets can have on your office carpet.

As many pet owners know, paws, claws and unexpected accidents can wreak havoc on carpeting—diminishing its appearance and creating the need for early restoration and replacement.

Fortunately, there are ways to allow pets in the workplace and preserve your carpet too. It just requires a little extra thought and planning.

3 Tips for Preserving Carpeting When Employees Bring Their Pets to Work

The following are some actions you can take to keep your carpet in good shape:

1. Spot clean accidents right away.

Act fast to prevent stains and permanent damage to your carpet. Use a spot cleaner with peroxide to clean and sanitize the carpet. DPM’s Banish Plus is an excellent option for a spot cleaner.

2. Get the right kind of carpet.

If you will have pets at the office, it helps to have the right kind of carpet. You should plan for fluids. You want a carpet with a moisture barrier backing under the nylon. That allows you to better clean and sanitize the carpet. If you don’t have that, the moisture will get into the backing and/or cushion and unpleasant odors will follow.

3. Put some rules in place.

Dogs have to behave. Most of the offices DPM Care services have a “three strikes you’re out” policy with dogs. So if your pet has a record of office trouble making, they lose their office privileges.

Carpet Cleaning for the Pet-Friendly Workplace

PetSafe is a DPM Care client that allows employees to bring dogs to the office.

At DPM Care, we clean a lot of pet-friendly offices. Some examples include PetSafe in Knoxville, Tennessee (pictured throughout this post), and Mars and Nutro in Nashville. These are fantastic companies that value the benefits animals bring to the workplace.

In fact, one of the reasons they choose to work with us is because of our ability to safely and effectively address the carpet cleaning challenges of having pets in the workplace.

Steve Jackson, Facility Manager with PetSafe, talks about the effectiveness of DPM’s cleaning of their pet-friendly office. 

Their efforts have been valuable and keep cleanliness high and odor under control, Steve said.

Advantages of the DPM method for offices with pet policies include:

  • Dogs at the office present carpet cleaning challenges. Less Hair We are able to get out a LOT of dog hair that vacuums don’t pick up from your carpet.
  • Pet Safe Our chemistry isn’t dangerous to pets so you can deep clean your carpets without worry.
  • Sanitization Our chemicals sanitize your carpet, which is crucial in an office where pets may occasionally have accidents.
  • Deodorization Our system also neutralizes odor at the source to keep your offices from being overwhelmed by the scent of pet.
  • Snag Repairs With each cleaning, our technicians will look for and trim any carpet snags from frisky cats or dogs to prevent unraveling.

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A carpet-cleaning partner that understands the challenges that come with animals at work is the best way to clean and maintain your carpet. Plan, prepare and prevent to preserve your carpet investment for the long term!