Meet the Team – James Covington, Lead Technician

At DPM Care, we can provide excellent surface cleaning services because we have excellent employees. One of these incredible employees is James Covington, our lead technician in the Nashville office. His role is vital to our company, and we’re excited to introduce him to you! 

Why James is So Important to Our Team

As the lead technician, James leads the cleaning crew that comes into your buildings at night. He embodies the DPM Care mission statement of highly trained personnel delivering an exceptional customer experience through industry-leading performance with innovative technology.

His responsibilities include gathering the work orders, ensuring all the necessary equipment gets loaded into the van, and letting his team know the expectations for the job. After the work is completed, he ensures everything looks excellent before they leave your facility. Ultimately, James is a big reason why your office looks so fresh and clean!

He takes his work seriously and wants his clients to know that, “They have the best working group in their facility keeping it nice and clean.”

His work is so outstanding that he’s frequently asked if DPM Care cleans homes because clients want to see that same level of care and cleanliness in their house!

What James Loves About DPM Care

As the leader of his team, James truly enjoys spending his time at work with his crew. He also appreciates the “wonderful office staff.” It comes as no surprise that James lists his co-workers as his favorite part of the job.

The most exciting memory of his time at DPM Care was when he was able to attend his very first NFL game. He loved getting to experience an NFL stadium during a game!

On A Personal Note

Originally from Yazoo City, Mississippi, James moved to Nashville after Hurricane Katrina. He’s been here for 15 years now and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University. 

James joined DPM Care’s team three and a half years ago. Before joining our team, James worked at Comcast as part of their call center. 

More than anything else, James loves spending time with his family. When he’s not at work, you can find him with his three little boys and fiancee. 

Thank You, James!

We appreciate James’s leadership and commitment to our clients. We’re thankful he chooses to work with us and can’t wait to see him grow and progress. 

Thank you, James, for being part of our wonderful team!