Empty Building? Now is the Time for a Deep Clean

Let’s talk about deep cleaning. It’s the best way to ensure that your facility is at its best – keeping your teams healthy and productive. But when is the best time to tackle this project? 

If you have a time when your facility is shut down or a time when employees aren’t all on site, that’s a great opportunity to undertake a thorough cleaning. 

Assuming your cleaning teams are doing a good job with regular maintenance, getting started on a cleaning that really gets into all of your facility’s nooks and crannies should be a scheduled occurrence as well. 

But when life and business gets in the way, it’s likely that deep cleaning gets moved further and further down the priority list. 

Now is a perfect time, though, to tackle this task. With many manufacturing facilities running on skeleton crews during the pandemic and much of the administrative staff working from home, a deep clean is not only good for the physical building, but also a great way to make sure your building is clean and healthy for the return of your team members.

Plus, cleaning to help eliminate the possibility of COVID-19 and prepare for the upcoming flu season is so important for your team’s health, productivity and your company’s bottom line. 

Surfaces to Deep Clean When Facilities are Empty 

There’s an entire cottage industry of helpful websites, blogs and TV shows devoted to the de-cluttering of homes, cleaning more efficiently and how to make your house healthier. But, where to start in an industrial or office setting? Where’s The Home Edit for facilities? 

Consider DPM your facility’s Marie Kondo and Mr. Clean all in one. We can bring in a team to deep clean your facility to be safer and healthier for your team. The best cleaning method is to start up high and work your way down. At DPM, we have the personnel and procedures that will make it easy for you to give your facilities a thorough, deep clean. 

Here are the surfaces we can deep clean for you:

  • Hard-to-reach high surfaces. We can get the dust off of the high window sills and exposed ceiling beams and trusses. And we can get the dirt off of your ductwork and vents, which can help improve the air quality in your building.
  • Soft surfaces in cubicles. It’s easy to wipe down the hard surfaces of a cubicle, but don’t forget that dust, germs and food can all attach themselves to the upholstery or carpeted panels.
  • Chairs and upholstery. Make sure employee seating is thoroughly cleaned – whether that’s in individual offices or common areas.
  • Bathroom tile and floors. A good deep cleaning of your bathrooms should include special attention to the floors, especially the tile and grout.
  • VCT and hard surface flooring. If it’s been awhile since your floors had that “just-like-new” shine, stripping and waxing can help. 
  • Parking garages. Halloween might be around the corner, but that doesn’t mean your parking garage should be covered in cobwebs. With fewer cars in the garage, now is the perfect time to have us make your parking garage look a lot less scary. 

You can see the difference that deep cleaning can make in the picture below.

Grout cleaning before and after

Why Deep Surface Cleaning Makes Sense To Do Now

Eventually, it may be safe and prudent for all of your employees to return to your site. Until then, take advantage of having a lower number of people in your buildings to do some deep cleaning. 

Here are a few reasons why deep cleaning is easier with an low-occupancy building:

  • Easier scheduling and management. With an empty building, you can schedule cleaning crews during the day. Not only does that mean easier scheduling for you, but it also means you don’t have to worry about granting night-time access or managing the issues that go with that.
  • Fewer people to work around. With fewer people in your building, you don’t have to worry about working around people (and their stuff). This is particularly helpful for parking garages as you don’t have to section off floors as they are cleaned.
  • Ready for employees to return. A good deep cleaning now means that when your teams are back in their buildings full force, they will start with a fresh, healthy building. 

Ready to cross some deep cleaning items of your facility’s to-do list? Give us a call.

DPM serves clients in Middle and East Tennessee and we’re ready to help you thoroughly clean and disinfect your facility.